Rina Rock's Elegant Messy Low Bun transforms her into a Transatlantic Queen

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram, admiring an endless array of models with flawless skin and hair, only to feel as if your own hair could never compete with their brilliance? Models, despite their genetic superiority, have the most up-to-date fashion at their fingertips, including hair secrets you've surely never discovered.

Rina Rock is a London-based model best recognised for inspiring pattern-setting photoshoots. Rina Rock recently dazzled with an Elegant Messy Low Bun style that flawlessly complemented the visual vibe of the photograph. "A woman’s hair is her crown and glory" captioned her shot. Check it out! 

With roughly 500,000 Google searches every month, messy buns are having a moment across the board. It's clear why this style appeals to a wide range of people, and although being more meticulously crafted than it appears, the characteristic messiness is incredibly forgiving. For more updates, follow her: