Disney Co.'s halts future projects With Scarlett Johansson over streaming rights dispute

In the previous several days, the Disney-Scarlett Johansson narrative has progressed rapidly, with both parties issuing remarks on the matter. According to Giant Freakin Robot, Scarlett Johansson sued Disney in July for allegedly breaking her contract by distributing Black Widow on Disney+, and the corporation has apparently terminated all connections on all existing or future projects,including the newly announced Tower Of Terror film, with Johansson as a result.

Disney Co.'s halts future projects With Scarlett Johansson over streaming rights dispute

Johansson filed a complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court in late July, alleging that Disney broke her contract by simultaneously releasing Black Widow in cinemas and on Disney+. Her compensation was allegedly agreed to be dependent largely on the theatrical release of Black Widow, according to the lawsuit. According to reports, Marvel and Disney decided that the picture will be distributed in theatres rather than on Disney+ at the same time.

Despite knowing about these agreements, Johansson alleges Disney instructed Marvel to release “Black Widow” on the Disney+ streaming service the same day it was launched in theatres. According to Disney's press release, the film made more than $60 million in its debut weekend on Disney+ Premier Access.

According to the accusation, millions of people were turned away from the cinema, and millions of dollars were taken from Johansson. Because her pay was based on box office earnings, Disney's choice to distribute the film lost her a lot of money. However, Disney's most recent step is extreme, as sources claim that the corporation has severed all connections with the Black Widow actress and will no again deal with her in any capacity.

Many film experts have slammed Disney for its highly publicised treatment of the case, and some of its remarks have been deemed immature and disrespectful.

This move, on the other hand, shows that the case and its consequences are far from done, and we can expect additional actions and comments in the following days and weeks.